The Alberta Summer Mathematics Institute offers a fun, educational summer mathematics program to high school students. Its mission is to inspire exploration and research in mathematical studies.


ASMI is a “day camp” style event featuring a blend of mathematics instruction and directed research to be held on the main campus of the University of Alberta in Edmonton. It is sponsored by the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS), Alberta Advanced Education and Technology (AAET), and the University of Alberta. There is no cost to the high school student Fellows (or their teachers) for participation in ASMI.

ASMI will start with lectures on a variety of topics building up from the participants’ existing knowledge into advanced material and delivered by top instructors in the University of Alberta’s Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences. These lectures will be complemented by experiments using free open-source mathematical software Sage and introduction to the standard in science typesetting system LaTeX. The focus of the later part of the program will be on group projects devoted to in-depth exploration of topics appealing to students, concluding with presentation of findings to other students. Some ASMI alumni continued exploration of topics interested to them by taking senior-level university courses while still in high school!

Please contact Andrey Novoseltsev ( for more information.